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Ш А R R E П . Р e a K



Ш А Я Я E П . Реак is a passionet MNML/TECHNO DJ @ StudioNullEins & Ցյ sкullМևֆւԸ. My love of music was in the early 90's I have. " Where can I years addicted to hip hop was accompanied me in my youth. The year "2000" is one of my best times when I After & After increasing in these years with the resurrected Techno - came Scene in touch. Where have I won by a lot of friends. The various tools with himself tried at the Music. It took only a few hours, with some colleagues the experiences had with Turntables & Mixers in your [PARTY BUNKER], and together with you the rules of the plate's push (Beat COUNTEN Vinly) learned and to develop the subtleties and belonging. Custom Set's of other DJ's like Rush, Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Eric Sneo, and many other TopAct's embossing therefore my style the art of music, inspiratzion me to-Leafs also take hours of Set's. "2001" "2005" first own equipment = Reloop's Mk = Dj = MIxer Pioneer DJM 1000 = Deep House, Techno, Hard House, CLRs, Vinly's I had worn together and continuously over again in New to Mixed each other. As I now have more time invested in the music, and after years of hard daily routine thought so 1-2 hours it at the time would be my friends to Present Arts ago where's the first good feedback's my friends, etc. .. what let me have to be anspornd better Just like the top acts people participated in my sound world that was my first big goal which I set under evidence since 2005 successfully in various club's & Studio's.


Gender: M
Country: Germany
City: Leverkusen City


Sound quality 3.0
Meeting deadlines 3.0
Musical skill 3.0



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